Your Outreach Should Be

Hodi builds a consistent pipeline of qualified demo meetings for your startup.

Your product deserves better than generic cold outreach.

The best outreach is individually targeted,
with personalized touchpoints across multiple channels.

Hodi's SDRs drive demand for your business

Our SDR teams take a personal approach, with all activities tailored around a deep understanding of your company's offering and customer profile.

Our human-centric approach

Generic blast campaigns and recycled lead lists don't work. High-converting outreach requires a human touch, and Hodi's SDR teams don't cut  corners.

Hey Lewis,

I saw that Carp users have to provide proof of address when signing up. I know that this can cause early friction, has that been an issue for you?

I thought I'd introduce you to PinDrop - real-time location verification for the web.

Hi Annie,

I saw Vitr just launched a monthly subscription model, congrats! I imagine you're looking to optimize conversion from free trials to the paid tier, so I thought I'd reach out about ConvertIt.

ConvertIt helps Shopify subscription businesses like Vitr understand & act on the drop-off points in fremium model customer journey.

Hey Alex,

I saw your last LinkedIn post about defining engineering culture at Xyla. The part about building in the open really showed your commitment to open source, so I thought I'd reach out about OSScrew.

OSScrew is an engineering staffing consultancy that uses AI to evaluate candidates on their open source contributions.

Easy to use, predictable output

Our review portal gives you full oversight over every lead in your campaign. We run iterative experiments on targeting and message, designed with your dedicated account manager.

We'll handle top-of-funnel, you focus on closing

Your pipeline is in good hands with Hodi's mix of B2B sales expertise and custom tech.

A team approach at every step

At least two SDRs review every single account and prospect going through your pipeline. Our iterative review process ensures high-quality results.

We'll reach your leads wherever they are

Highly-personalized outreach is at the heart of our process, combining email with phone calls, LinkedIn outreach and targeted display ads.

Every step in the campaign follows a playbook specifically designed to convert for your unique offering.

Stay in control

Our online tooling helps you ensure that your outreach is always on-brand.

It just takes 10 minutes each week to review all our draft outreach and provide any feedback.

We'll sync with your CRM to avoid any duplicative prospects.

Start a conversation with the right prospects, at scale.

Hodi's SDR team can have your first campaign up and running in a week.