Your Outreach Should Be

Hodi helps you scale up deeply-researched, personalized outbound to build a pipeline of quality leads.

Relevant personalization leads to 3x more replies.

Hodi's reps personalize every step of outreach, across email, LinkedIn, phone, and more. Your leads get a personalized cadence that speaks directly to their needs.

The Best of Humans

  • Personalized, targeted outbound that converts. Done by your full-time, dedicated reps.

The Best of Software

  • No black box - you get full control & visibility into every activity. Embedded within your Slack and CRM.

Hodi helped us test-and-learn to determine the best outbound strategy for our business. We're a startup ourselves, so having a partner like Hodi test channels (phone, LinkedIn, email) and segments (hotels, restaurants, food distributors) helped us figure out where our value prop resonates most.

Co-founder and CEO,
ClimateTech Startup

Spend less time prospecting, more time closing

Set Up for Success

We'll design a custom playbook combining email, phone calls, LinkedIn and social media outreach.

Dedicated Project Team

Full-time, managed reps to ensure that your outreach feels personal.

Full Transparency and Control

You're in the drivers seat, with full access to all data and live-updating dashboards showing what's working.

Start a conversation with the right prospects, at scale.