The Hodi Platform

All of Hodi's outreach work is done on our custom-built CRM and outreach platform, which you will have direct access to.

Lead Review

Every prospect we identify is presented for your review, putting you in control.

In 10 minutes each week, you can approve and reject leads, give us feedback on individual prospects and even directly edit the email content that each prospect will receive.

Meeting Feedback

A booked meeting is just the beginning.

Give us feedback on the quality of meetings we're booking, so that we can focus our outreach on the most promising prospects.

Full Data Access

Access our notes on every single company and individual prospect that we've considered for your outreach, even if we didn't reach out to them.

Export all your outreach on demand.


Our Insights platform lets you dig beyond the headline numbers.

Track how each market segment and prospect persona is responding to your outreach, and which outreach variant is driving the highest conversion.


Sync each email we send to your CRM, and prevent duplicate outreach to your existing prospects.

Get notifications of new booked meetings directly on Slack

Start a conversation with the right prospects, at scale.

Hodi's SDR team can have your first campaign up and running in a week.