How Hodi Works

We build you a team of talented, vetted SDRs based in Africa, and provide the training, tooling, and management to guarantee they hit the ground running.

Hodi identifies best-fit reps for your project

We'll select pre-vetted reps specifically for your needs, and get a team ready to run within a matter of days.

Fast onboarding with custom training

Our training & approach emphasizes collaboration and shared learning - once picked, your team will immediately go through intensive training on your product and ICP.

Hodi designs a custom playbook to get started

Our experts co-create an outbound sequence with you โ€” typically 8-12 highly personalized steps across email, calling, and social media.

Your team gets to work

We get your new team started right away, using Hodi's in-house tech and data stack. You get full transparency into your team's daily activities and output, along with active on-the-ground management from Hodi.

Iterate and Improve

Work with Hodi to continually improve your campaigns, whether it's exploring new custom segments or exploring new market segments.

Book a free consult with Hodi

Speak to one of our B2Bย Sales experts to see if Hodi is a fit for you.