How Hodi Works

Hodi handles all things outbound, so you can focus on what matters - closing.

Hodi builds a custom playbook

Our experts co-create an outbound sequence with you — typically 8-12 highly personalized steps across email, calling, and social media.

Hodi builds and connects the infrastructure

We'll configure the data pipeline, sending platform, domains, and CRM to make sure that all outbound is landing in the inbox of high-priority leads

Your team gets to work

Outreach gets started right away. You get full transparency into your team's messaging and targeting, along with active on-the-ground management from Hodi.

Iterate and Improve

Work with Hodi to continually improve your campaigns, whether it's exploring new custom segments or exploring new market segments.

Book a free consult with Hodi

Speak to one of our B2B Sales experts to see if Hodi is a fit for you.