What our clients say about our outreach

Rapid iteration is important for any early-stage startup — Hodi helped us bring this mentality to our outbound prospecting approach so we could test, learn, and iterate quickly across new potential segments and messaging sets.

Marketing Leader,
SaaS startup

Hodi helped us test-and-learn to determine the best outbound strategy for our business. We're a startup ourselves, so having a partner like Hodi test channels (phone, LinkedIn, email) and segments (hotels, restaurants, food distributors) helped us figure out where our value prop resonates most.

Co-founder and CEO,
ClimateTech Startup

Hodi has great attention to detail and has learned about our domain quickly.  They've translated that into high-quality messaging.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hodi to another company.

YC-backed startup

What prospects have said about our outreach

"I hardly ever reply to outbound emails - thanks for putting some effort and attention to this."
"Thanks for the personalized cold email, it was a nice refresher."
"I get a lot of sales emails, and appreciate you did your research. You'd be shocked how many emails I get that have nothing to do with our products."

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