Apprentice Business Development Representative

Research and Sales
Full time

Who we are

Hodi is building a platform to enable Kenyan talent to access sales jobs with global companies. At the heart of Hodi’s approach is a custom tech platform, used in both day-to-day execution by the sales reps and for automated training of new hires. Hodi has a team of 20+ reps working for clients around the world.

Sitati and Rob launched Hodi in May 2021, having previously worked together as CTO and CGO at Pula.

Your role at Hodi

As an Apprentice Business Development Representative (BDR), you will take part in an intensive 2-week training program, followed by a 3-month apprenticeship working alongside our BDR team. Your responsibilities will include providing execution of the BDR work for our clients. This involves internet research, email, phone and social platform communication with potential clients.

The 3-month apprenticeship is a paid role, with a salary of 42,000/= per month, and depending on performance and client demand, there will be opportunities to join the Hodi team on a permanent basis.

BDR - A building block for a diverse range of career opportunities

As a Business Development Representative, you will develop skills and experience which can set you up for many different career paths. Within sales, BDR experience is often the foundation for future progression as an Account Executive, the role where you close the deals that are identified by BDRs. Experience in research and outreach within a specific industry will make you an asset to any growing company that sells to similar clients.

As Hodi grows, we hope to be able to offer many of these opportunities for advancement in-house. There are also a diverse range of career opportunities outside of Hodi that will be open to you based on the strong research, communication and skills you will have demonstrated in your role as an BDR.

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