Be Back Later: How to use OOO Replies to Your Advantage

How to adapt your email campaign when you receive Out of Office replies
4 minutes

It’s common for reply rates to slow in the summertime. People are on vacation, families getting ready for back-to-school.

In the mix of it all we saw that August is the month that has the most Out of Office (OOO) replies, almost twice as high as June.

Out Of Office notifications increased 3x in August 2022

What can we learn from this, and how can you adjust your strategy to ensure that you’re not letting OOO replies slow down your prospecting?

First, make sure that you have a cadence that drips over at least 3 weeks. You don’t want to lose your opportunity because the prospect is offline.

Second, when the alert comes in that your prospect is OOO, press pause! Pay attention to their schedule, then ‘press play’ once they’re back.

Lastly, use the OOO to your advantage. Many people will include their colleagues on their OOO replies – a great way to figure out who else might be relevant for your outreach.

Sales never stops – but we can always adapt. When people are out of the office, use the information you’re given and adjust your outreach accordingly. Even when your inbox is full of auto-replies, there’s always something to learn.