Shorter is Better: The Magic Length of Cold Emails

Drive higher reply rates by keeping your emails brief
3 minutes

People don’t have time to read long emails.

Emails less than 76 words have a 31.8% higher reply rate than longer emails.

Shorter emails drive higher reply rates

We can all relate – who has time for a long email, especially when it’s a cold intro? Plus, the majority of us are reading it on our phones.

So how do you ensure that your email rightfully prioritizes the information you need to convey?

Make a clear value proposition, simple and direct. Describe your product in a single sentence, without fluff. Limit the features, and talk about value instead.

In terms of structure, it’s simple: relevant intro, how you can help, call to action. Short, sweet and to the point.

The internet may have destroyed our attention spans, but it’s also an opportunity – write like Hemingway, not like Faulkner. Your prospects will thank you.