How to Recession-Proof Your Outbound

Running effective outreach campaigns during an economic downturn
5 minutes

The rules of the game change quickly.

Before our current recession, VC-backed startups were attractive targets for B2B sales. They had money to burn, and growth was at all costs.

Then, suddenly, venture funding froze worldwide. And companies who were reliant on VC funding to stay afloat were no longer interested in growth at all costs – they were just trying to survive.

As a result: 22% decrease in replies for VC backed companies.

VC-backed startups sent fewer replies since June 2022

But you still need to hit your quotas and book more sales – so what do you do?

Well, while VC-backed companies were slowing down, we also saw a 43% increase in replies for non-VC funded companies.

Companies with stable cash flows, who didn’t rely on external funding, were actively taking calls to take advantage of the market.

This is an age-old reminder: It’s important to reach out to a wide range of companies; not just one target profile.

Prioritizing diversification protects your pipeline from the tightening.

How do you diversify?

The more creativity that you can have sourcing accounts, the better. Think beyond Crunchbase -- look to events, government databases, keywords on LinkedIn posts.

Your product is almost certainly valuable to more than just one segment – so test those, especially when there’s turbulence in the market.